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Grapplesaw Cranes for Sale

Called an industry game changer by many; the grapplesaw truck crane is the safest and most efficient method of tree removal. There are many different sizes of grapple saw cranes to choose from. For more information please visit, LLC

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2006 Int Paystar
$200,000 USD
Location Thompsonville, MI, USA
Lifts @ 82 ft 0 in
Max Lift Capacity 45 lbs

I just picked this truck up and I have the parts ordered to complete it. Craneworks in Hampton NJ should have everything this week to complete the saw. You are buying the truck and crane. 55K to co...

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PM 100 Grapplesaw Truck
$589,900 USD
Location Reddick, FL, USA
Lifts 1,630 lbs @ 110 ft 0 in
Max Lift Capacity 36,820 lbs

For sale is a meticulously maintained PM100(BIK TC-126) Grapplesaw truck with 126 feet of vertical reach with a Mecanil SG280 grapplesaw. Also included is a 4ton lifting winch line on the boom. ...

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Effer 370 Grapplesaw truck
$240,000 USD
Location Haiku, Haiku-Pauwela, HI, USA
Lifts 1,170 lbs @ 79 ft 8 in
Max Lift Capacity 28,440 lbs

2006 pre-emissions 6x6 International 7600 with approx. 17,500 miles. The crane is an Effer 370.11 6S w/ Jib 3S. It has 6 hydraulic extensions on the main boom and 3 hydraulic extensions on the jib ...

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PM100 Grapplesaw Truck (Kenworth)
$475,000 USD
Location Jacksonville, FL, USA
Lifts 1,630 lbs @ 110 ft 9 in
Max Lift Capacity 36,820 lbs

2015 Kenworth twin steer with a PM 100(BIK TC-126) knuckleboom crane w/ Mecanil SG280 grapplesaw. The crane has a tip height of 126 feet w/ the manual extension for the grapplesaw. The Mecanil SG28...

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Palfinger PW 350 Grapple saw Truck
$80,000 USD
Location Fanwood, NJ, USA
Lifts 2,665 lbs @ 49 ft 6 in
Max Lift Capacity 7,250 lbs

1999 Western Star, with Mecanil SG220 grapple saw. The grapplesaw has only been used a few times. No damage. 60ft boom, and Sheetrock fork. Loader has top seat controls. Videos and other informa...

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Hiab XS166 Grapplesaw Truck
$85,000 USD
Location Mobile, AL, USA
Lifts 1,540 lbs @ 56 ft 9 in
Max Lift Capacity 13,670 lbs

Truck has under 100,000 miles, about 6k hours. It’s air brakes, automatic, under 26,000lbs, and runs like new. Crane is remote controlled and has no issues. Also comes with hydraulic winch and pall...

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BIK TC-78 Grapplesaw Truck w/ Dump
Price on request
Location Milford, MA, USA
Lifts 1,250 lbs @ 66 ft 0 in
Max Lift Capacity 8,500 lbs

BOOM DETAILS New – BIK Tree-Care Series TC-78 (23.5 ton/m): 7-hydraulic extensions to 78’ vertical) w/extra grapplesaw extension Vertical Capacity: 2,900 lb at 78’ vertical reach HORIZONTA...

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BIK TC-98 Grapplesaw Truck
Price on request
Location Milford, MA, USA
Lifts 1,700 lbs @ 82 ft 0 in
Max Lift Capacity 21,000 lbs

BOOM DETAILS New – BIK Tree-Care Series TC-98 – 54.5 ton/m Knuckle Boom 6 ext Knuckle Boom w/Detachable 3 ext jib + 1-grapple extension Including (1) Grapplesaw extension in jib, Boom Capacity ...

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2020 Effer EC-505-6S+3S
$530,132 USD
Location Indianapolis, IN, USA
Lifts 1,915 lbs @ 79 ft 2 in
Max Lift Capacity 29,980 lbs
STOCK ID 250-71426626

EC505-6S+3S HD knuckle boom crane with max capacity of 29,980 # at 9' 10", has 6 hydraulic extensions with max horizontal reach of 55' 3" and max capacity at full extension of 4,670 #, equipped wit...

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Price on request
Location Peoria, IL, USA
Lifts 1,590 lbs @ 94 ft 4 in
Max Lift Capacity 28,220 lbs

This Copma 650.6J6 knuckle boom no diverter valves, 8 individual functions on the control valve. With the 5/8″ hoses going to the grapple saw it allows for max flow to get the best performance from...