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Long Reach Trucks and Cranes for Sale

Most popular in New York City, the long reach knuckleboom truck is used to lift materials in to and on top of buildings.

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PM100 Grapplesaw Truck (Kenworth)
$475,000 USD
Location Jacksonville, FL, USA
Lifts 739 kg @ 33 m
Max Lift Capacity 16,701 kg

2015 Kenworth twin steer with a PM 100(BIK TC-126) knuckleboom crane w/ Mecanil SG280 grapplesaw. The crane has a tip height of 126 feet w/ the manual extension for the grapplesaw. The Mecanil SG28...

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PM210 SP
$610,000 USD
Location Bronx, NY, USA
Lifts 630 kg @ 45 m
Max Lift Capacity 17,649 kg

2017 Western Star 4800 Sloped Nose with Detroit Diesel / Easton Ultra Shift automatic. 2017 PM21008 SP Knuckleboom 8 + 6 +2. Dealer serviced and recent annual inspection from November 2020. Appr...